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Delta Dental of Kansas. n.d. PANDA program. Wichita, KS: Delta Dental of Kansas, multiple items.

Delta Dental of Kansas
1619 N. Waterfront Parkway P.O. Box 789769
Wichita, KS 67278-9769

Telephone: (800) 733-5823
Secondary Telephone: (316) 264-1099
Fax: (316) 462-3393
E-mail: moreinfo@deltadentalks.com
Website: http://www.deltadentalks.com
Available from the website.

These resources are designed for dentists, dental hygienists, teachers, social workers, law enforcement, nurses, counselors, and other health professionals in Kansas. Resources include links to a list of state-mandated reporters and the Kansas Code for Care of Children, contact information for requesting a PANDA presentation or reporting child abuse and neglect, information on signs of abuse and neglect, and links to partner organizations of the Prevent Abuse Coalition of Kansas (PACK) and media releases. A toolkit containing a program fact sheet, indicators of child abuse and neglect, and a tip card is also available from the website.

Keywords: Oral health, Emotional abuse, Physical abuse, Child neglect, Resources for professionals, State initiatives, Kansas, Children


Arkansas Department of Health. n.d. Community water fluoridation program. Little Rock, AR: Arkansas Department of Health, Office of Oral Health, multiple items.

Arkansas Department of Health, Office of Oral Health
4815 West Markham, Slot 18
Little Rock, AR 72205

Telephone: (501) 661-2240
Secondary Telephone: (501) 661-2000
Fax: (501) 661-2055
Website: http://www.healthy.arkansas.gov/programsServices/oralhealth/Pages/default.aspx
Available from the website.

These resources provide information about community water fluoridation in Arkansas. Topics include the public health issue, the impact of fluoridation, and progress toward reducing oral disease. Resources include a brochure, a fact sheet, a position paper, a poster, and a presentation. A fact sheet on the impact of water fluoridation on African Americans and other minorities, a report on the science of fluoride, and a series of radio spots are also included.

Keywords: Oral health, Children, Adults, Water, Fluorides, Dental caries, Disease prevention, Minority groups, Multimedia, State initiatives, Arkansas


Ohio Department of Health, Bureau of Dental Health. 1991. Preventing baby bottle tooth decay: The prenatal and newborn message. Columbus, OH: Ohio Department of Health, Bureau of Dental Health, 29 pp, 2 handouts (2 pp each).

American Dental Hygienists' Association
444 North Michigan Avenue, Suite 3400
Chicago, IL 60611

Telephone: (312) 440-8900
Fax: (312) 440-1806
Website: http://www.adha.org

This instructional package was designed for use by child health clinics and Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC) clinics in Ohio. The package includes a notebook containing an educational flip chart for use in training sessions with parents and child care providers. It contains behavioral contracts to encourage parents to modify their behaviors at home with their young children to help prevent development of early childhood caries. The contracts are printed on the front and back of two distinct graphic shapes; one contains reminders to promote prevention, the other encourages intervention. The package also includes magnets that remind parents to take preventive steps, and stickers for use by clinic or program staff to mark medical records after parents have been trained. A subsequent version by the American Dental Hygienists' Association does not contain the magnets and stickers included in the original version. [Funded by the Maternal and Child Health Bureau]

    Keywords: Early childhood caries, Oral health, Infant health, Dental caries, Dental care, Prevention programs, Intervention, Materials for parents, State initiatives, Ohio


    American Association of Public Health Dentistry. 1994. The future of dental public health report: Preparing dental public health to meet the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century. Journal of Public Health Dentistry 54(2):80–91.

    National Maternal and Child Oral Health Resource Center
    Georgetown University Box 571272
    Washington, DC 20057-1272

    Telephone: (202) 784-9771
    Fax: (202) 784-9777
    E-mail: OHRCinfo@georgetown.edu
    Website: http://www.mchoralhealth.org
    Available for loan.

    This report offers an overview of the capacity of dental public health (DPH) to serve the public in order to stimulate the development of a blueprint for action. Topics include the rationale for and scope of dental public health; the structure and function of DPH today, including discussions of state and local DPH programs, professional education, participation of professional and voluntary organizations, assessing the value of DPH programs, and where DPH stands today. Additional topics include strengthening DPH by articulating goals for the future, earning support from policy makers and program administrators, ensuring recruitment and professional development, and other challenges and opportunities. References conclude the report.

      Keywords: Oral health, Public health dentistry, State program descriptions, Local initiatives, Professional education, Provider participation, Trends


      Prevention Associates. 1995. Alaska Head Start Health Improvement Initiative Dental Project: Final report. Anchorage, AK: Prevention Associates, 75 pp, plus appendices.

      Prevention Associates
      101 East Ninth Avenue, No. 7A
      Anchorage, AK 99501

      Telephone: (907) 272-6925
      Fax: (907) 272-6946
      Contact for cost information.

      This report describes an initiative in Alaska called Health Start, to reduce the high incidence of dental decay in pre-school age children. Contents include an overview of the incidence of disease, obstacles to effective oral health care for Head Start children, a description of the project design, the conduct of the project, and evaluation.

        Keywords: Oral health, Head Start, Dental care, Young children, Early childhood caries, State initiatives, Alaska, Final reports


        U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Inspector General. 1996. Children's dental services under Medicaid: Access and utilization. [San Francisco, CA]: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Inspector General, 48 pp.

        U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Inspector General, Office of Evaluation and Inspections
        1100 Commerce Street, Room 4B5
        Dallas, TX 75242

        Telephone: (800) 848-8960
        Secondary Telephone: (214) 767-3310
        Fax: (214) 767-2039
        Available from the website. Document Number: DHHS OEI-09-93-00240.

        This report presents the results of an assessment of the Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnostic and Treatment (EPSDT) dental services program. The report indicates reasons why many children are not receiving the oral health care they need and reviews various state initiatives to improve access and utilization. Included in the report is background information on EPSDT and the goals of Oral Health 2000, a component of Healthy People 2000. The report describes the evaluation methodology, presents its findings, and includes recommendations for future modifications.

        Keywords: Oral health, Children, Dental care, Medicaid, EPSDT, Access to health care, Health care utilization, State initiatives, Program improvement, Health objectives


        Texas Department of Health. 1996. Child health and safety initiative: Child health and safety problems--Concept papers. Austin, TX: Texas Department of Health, 68 pp.

        Texas Department of State Health Services
        1100 West 49th Street
        Austin, TX 78756

        Telephone: (512) 458-7111
        Secondary Telephone: (512) 458-7708
        Fax: (512) 458-7750
        Website: http://www.dshs.state.tx.us
        Price unknown.

          Keywords: Child health, Child safety, Adolescent health, Access to health care, Statistics, Health care systems, Health care costs, Oral health, Unintentional injuries, Intentional injuries, Infant mortality, Risk taking, Families, Parents, Environmental pollution, Pregnancy, Nutrition, Infectious diseases, Initiatives, State initiatives, Texas


          Alaska Head Start Improvement Initiative Dental Project. 1997. Manual for a supplemental dental provider network serving pre-school children (rev. ed.). Anchorage, AK: Prevention Associates, ca 100 pp.

          Prevention Associates
          101 East Ninth Avenue, No. 7A
          Anchorage, AK 99501

          Telephone: (907) 272-6925
          Fax: (907) 272-6946
          Price unknown.

          This manual describes a model for providing oral health care to preschool children living in the rural areas of Alaska through a supplemental network. The manual provides an introduction describing the context for the creation of the model, an overview, and detailed discussion of the components of the model. The roles of the oral wellness curriculum, dental advocates, the dental team, and standards of care in the model are all described. The manual also explains how oral health care providers and Head Start administrators in rural areas can use these principles to develop such networks locally.

            Keywords: Oral health, Young Children, Health care systems, State initiatives, Alaska, Comprehensive programs, Policy development, Model programs, Access to health care, Manuals, Head Start


            North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Community Health, Dental Health Section. 1997. Seal the state in '98. Raleigh, NC: North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services, Dental Health Section, 23 items.

            North Carolina Division of Public Health, Oral Health Section
            2001 Mail Service Center 5505 Six Forks Road
            Raleigh, NC 27699-2001

            Telephone: (919) 855-4800
            Fax: (919) 870-4805
            Website: http://www.ncdhhs.gov/dph/oralhealth
            Limited quantities are available; photocopies may be made with permission of the department.

            These materials provide information on North Carolina's oral health initiative to prevent tooth decay through increased use of dental sealants. The materials include fact sheets, brochures, public service announcements, pins, bookmarks, and other materials about dental sealants, as well as a synopsis of the 80-year history of oral public health in the state.

              Keywords: Dental sealants, Dental caries, Educational materials, State initiatives, North Carolina, Oral health, Prevention


              Spisak S, Holt K, Mayer R, Rossetti J. 1998. Improving children's access to oral health services: The oral health initiative. Maternal and Child Health Journal 2(4):261–264, 4 pp.

              233 Spring Street
              New York, NY 10013

              Telephone: (212) 460-1572
              Fax: (212) 620-8442
              E-mail: victoria.enever@springer.com
              Website: http://www.springer.com
              Contact for cost information.

              This journal article describes activities of the federal Oral Health Initiative to strengthen service-delivery systems, enhance collaboration among federal agencies, and provide states with the resources needed to improve the oral health of children from minority groups and those from families with low incomes, including children with special health care needs. Activities to enhance programs, services, and training are discussed. Topics include expanding the number of direct-service dental programs, establishing or enhancing graduate training programs in pediatric and general dentistry and in dental public health, and funding training programs in dentistry to train dental public health leaders.

                Keywords: Oral health, Children, Access to health care, Service delivery systems, State Children's Health Insurance Program, Medicaid managed care, Federal initiatives


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