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National Maternal and Child Oral Health Resource Center, Georgetown University

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Consumer Materials in English and Spanish

All brochures are written in an easy-to-read style that is appropriate for all audiences, including those with lower literacy levels. Print copies are available at no charge from OHRC and can be ordered online through June 30, 2015. Permission statements for photocopying appear on each brochure.

Consumer Brochures

These brochures are designed to provide parents with information about the importance of oral hygiene and oral health care during pregnancy and after their infant is bor,n and how to ensure that their infant or young child enjoys the best possible oral health.

A Healthy Smile for Your Baby: Tips to Keep Your Baby HealthyConsumer brochures

Una sonrisa saludable para tu bebé: Consejos para mantener sano a tu bebé

A Healthy Smile for Your Young Child: Tips to Keep Your Child Healthy

Una sonrisa saludable para tu niño pequeño: Consejos para mantener sano a tu niño

Two Healthy Smiles: Tips to Keep You and Your Baby Healthy

Dos sonrisas saludables: Consejos para mantenerte a ti y a tu bebé sanos

Healthy Habits for Happy Smiles

This series of handouts for parents of infants and young children provides simple tips on oral health issues. Topics include managing teething pain, brushing children's teeth, choosing healthy drinks, getting fluoride, preventing oral injuries, and visiting the dental clinic.

Brushing Your Child's Teeth
Cómo cepillar los dientes de su niño

Choosing Healthy Drinks for Your Young Child
Cómo escoger bebidas saludables para su niño pequeño

Getting Fluoride for Your Child
Cómo proporcionarle fluoruro a su niño

Helping Your Baby with Teething Pain
Cómo aliviar el dolor de la dentición de su bebé

Preventing Injuries to Your Child's Mouth
Cómo prevenir lesiones en la boca de su niño

Visiting the Dental Clinic with Your Child
Visita a la clínica dental con su niño

Download the series in English
Download the series in Spanish

Healthy HabitsHealthy Habits

Tips for Good Oral Health During PregnancyHandout for pregnant women

Tips for Good Oral Health During Pregnancy is excerpted from Oral Health Care During Pregnancy: A Consensus Statement. It is a two-page handout for pregnant women. Now available in Spanish.


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